Popular Casino Bonus Types

Types of Casino Bonuses

The opportunity to claim casino bonuses is the main motivator for many players. Indeed, it is probably why you're reading this.

There are many types of promo available for players, both new and returning. Throughout this article we will detail the most popular types of casino bonus, so you can maximize your playing experience.

No Deposit Casino Bonuses

The first offer on our list is the free cash promo. This type of offer is usually on the lower end of the promo scale - at roughly £10-£50. Despite this, the lack of upfront commitment means they remain highly popular.

For new customers these offers can be claimed simply by registering an account. Existing players will most likely come across them when an operator is promoting a new game.

No Deposit Free Spins

Similar to free cash promos, free spins also allow players to have a free play at a casino with no upfront commitment. The most obvious difference between the two offers, is that free spins cater specifically for slots players. With this style of promotion, players can expect to receive anywhere between 5 and 100 spins on their favourite games.

Match Deposit Promos

Types of Casino Bonuses

Unlike the previous casino bonuses, deposit match offers require customers to add bank details and funds to their account. Once this has been completed, promo funds will be automatically credited to a player's wallet. The size of any reward will be determined by the amount deposited.

For new players, this brings an extra level of commitment. However, the promo amounts are relatively generous to reflect this. For existing customers, these may be referred to as reload bonuses. These act to boost players' bankrolls and encourage loyalty to an operator.

Loyalty Rewards

Types of Casino Bonuses

As well as reload offers, some casinos will provide bespoke loyalty rewards programs. For existing players, this is the most popular way to receive rewards. These programs specify that a user must play a certain amount, during a set period - usually a month - to receive an offer.

Due to their regularity, this type of casino bonus tends to be smaller than others. However, for high rollers, operators will often have a separate VIP rewards program. These provide far larger rewards, as well as a range of other exclusive promotions.

Money Back

Money back offers give players the opportunity to receive a percentage of their stakes back, during a set period. All that is required is for you to play as you would usually do, and at the end of the eligibility period a percentage (usually 25-50%) of your wagered cash will be refunded to your account.

Though this offer usually appears sporadically, some casinos use it as a consistently occurring promotion. If you are a regular player, it is worth looking out for this.